When Devon was 13 she traveled to Mexico for the second time and encountered her first midwife. Although this was not the first time she had heard of midwifery, after meeting this man, a vision for her life began to take shape. Her path to midwifery led her to nursing and she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Connecticut. She worked as a nurse in emergency departments in the United States and while in Haiti, Chad, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone she worked in a variety of settings. Many projects had a strong maternal and child health component. In each setting, Devon was able to see the impact that a woman’s health has on her well-being, her family, and her community, and her passion was fueled. When the time was right, she returned to school and studied midwifery at the University of Pennsylvania.

Devon is happy to have settled in with Mansfield Ob/Gyn Associates, where a commitment to individualized patient care and solidarity with the community inspire her daily. She spends her free-time outdoors, swimming, hiking, bicycling, and skiing. She also enjoys practicing yoga in the early morning hours, cooking, crafting, and reading. She loves to travel both for vacation as well as for medical service trips. She speaks Haitian Kreyól and is always working to improve her French and Spanish.